How to join TEDee?

It’s quite simple, all you need to do is join our Facebook Group. Then the opportunity to use practical
English with others is yours – Everyday, everywhere, for free.

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Opportunity is all you need.
But too difficult to find it.
Study abroad? Language school?
That’s too expensive.
"Can read, write but cannot speak English" There are too many people who cannot take their chance because of language barrier.


We will remove the language barrier so that more Japanese people can live to their fullest potential.


It’s a simple idea, we watch TED videos and discuss them in English – everyday, everywhere, for free.

We want to create an infrastructure for learning and using English.


We hope to reach those who have a strong basic knowledge of English but lack the confidence to speak or don’t have the opportunity to do so (Average TOEIC score range of attendees approximately 800–900).

What’s TED exactly?

TED is a series of events where experts from various fields give world-class presentations. Videos of these presentations can be found on the TED’s website at

How does it all work?

Everyone watches the selected TED video for 20 minutes.
Participants discuss the video in small groups for 30 minutes.
Groups prepare a 10-minute presentation to share with other groups.

What does TEDee offer you?

TEDee offers the opportunity to train your practical English ability. Every day you can practice English for free with community support from other participants.

What's practical English?

Practical English means being able to use English in businesses situations as well for everyday conversation.